Sunday, 8 January 2017

Directors statement

My aim as a filmmaker is to make work that moves the audience, whether it was with love or hate or disgust or admiration, I don't mind. If watching my film leaves the audience 'cold' or if they think my work was merely 'nice', I've failed. Having a bath is nice. Eating good dinner is nice. Scrathing an itchy spot is nice. 
If experiencing my work sparks up conversations, or internal thought processes, then I am worth the ticket price you paid. 
I am not interested in exploring any particular genre, instead a film should use what ever genre serves its story. My first feature Innuendo could be described as a psychological thriller, but also a dark comedy, certainly a drama, perhaps even a psychosexual thriller, part horror, arthouse or cult. I guess you could say I don't believe in genres. They may be useful marketing tools, but as an audience member, for me, the best kind of film is one that surprises me, goes against the genre, has a little giggle at the confused audience member, and then kicks them on the arse. 
They say cinema is dead. Cinema is not dead, but it certainly sometimes comes across comatosed if all it offers is the same overproduced story with different characters, locations and what ever is guestimated to "grab the audiences right now". I am not interested in those films and I know there is an audience out there of people like me. We will go to the cinema, when we feel that we are challenged, respected and not underestim

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